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Brian Brueggeman founded the company in 1996 when he began selling seed. Over the years Brian has sold different brands with one goal in mind; find the best products for our highly variable soil, landscape and weather conditions. This remains his goal today as he is constantly researching and learning from others to find solutions that will deliver results. 

In 2003 Brian added chemical sales and custom application services. Today BLB Ag Service offers chemicals, liquid fertilizer and custom application by certified custom applicators under the guidance of Brian and Harold Anderson, striving to treat every acre like it is our own.


Brian's wife, Laurie joined the business in 2011. Before joining, Laurie spent 20 years in Information Services and Materials Management for 2 different corporations. Her experience in Information Services has been instrumental in offering precision ag services by writing variable rate scripts for fertilizer and planting applications that is compatible with multiple equipment platforms. She also analyzes harvest results looking for trends and compares results of product performance trials.   


In 2013, Tanner Hiveley became our Operations Supervisor. Tanner can be found in our shop, warehouse and/or yard as well as delivering seed and chemicals. Tanner is certified in custom application, seed treatment application and material handling. Tanner is a trained drone operator taking aerial pictures for customers.

In 2024, Robert (Mac) McCandless was welcomed to the team. Mac can be found working ground,

and delivery seed. Mac is a certified pesticide handler. 


Give BLB Ag Service a call or stop in our office. We have the coffee on and are always willing to help you with your agriculture supply needs. ​

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